Detailed Program Schedule

Wednesday, June 12

7:30 AM Light, Healthy New England Breakfast

Hampshire Dining Commons

8:30 AM General Session XIV

Hampshire Dining Commons

Chef Panel: Plant Forward or Plant-Based
How to cater to Gen Z and Millennial customers of campus dining, with best practices. This session will address these questions and a whole lot more, in a candid panel discussion with chef leaders who collectively feed millions every year.


  • Johnny Curet (Director of Campus Dining, Rice University)
  • Joey Martin (Senior Executive Chef of UCLA Dining Services)
  • Oliver de Volpi (Executive Chef, Operations and Sustainability, McGill University)
  • Trish Donnelly (Executive Sous Chef, University of Toronto)

Moderated by: Paul King

9:15 AM Industry Presentations

Hampshire Dining Commons

Hormel Foods

9:20 AM General Session XV

Hampshire Dining Commons

Chef Talk with Fritz Sonnenschmidt
Please join us for a fireside chat(minus the actual fireside) with ACF Certified Master Chef Fritz Sonnenschmidt. John Noble Masi will interview Chef Sonnenschmidt to share stories of his culinary experiences growing up in the culinary world as a European apprentice. Chef will share stories of his culinary experiences, world travel, thoughts on today’s latest trends and most importantly offer up some tips for all the competitors in the Friday ACF competition. Please join us for this very special discussion

Speaker: Fritz H Sonnenschmidt CMC.AAC. HOF (Author, Editor, Certified Master chef (ACF) and Global Master Chef (WACCS), Rhinebeck NY)

9:50 AM Break

10:00 AM General Session and Round Table

Hampshire Dining Commons

Food for Thought: Roundtable discussion on the future of our food choices
This is an exciting opportunity to join some of the top leaders, chefs, and experts from Johnson & Wales University to discuss some of the hottest topics in culinary arts covering the future of food and sustainability. All topics will share a common focus addressing the work that students, faculty, and administrators are doing on campus. We will also discover what opportunities are available for chefs looking to change the way the world eats. Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in the discussion of building a more sustainable and resilient food system by participating in facilitated workshop topics such as:

  • Generation Z: what and why are our current students eating and how they are different from previous generations.
  • Sustainability in Catering: using sensory perceptions to minimize overproduction of food in catering and buffets. Discussion will include opportunities to be proactive versus reactive in reducing food waste.
  • Future of food: why we need to start to incorporate less common ingredients such as seaweed, plant based menus, bugs, to produce ‘better for you’ menu concepts
  • Food waste vs. wasted food: opportunities and ideas to minimize food waste within a school’s food system. Discussion will touch upon topics such as food safety and creating outlets for un-used food.
  • Nutrition: importance of providing nutritious meals for our students and student athletes. Discussions will include the importance of fiber in the diet, the benefits of fermented food and macronutrient timing.
  • Whole grains: supporting a sustainable diet and our future food system. The discussion will touch upon topics such as utilizing whole grains over their stripped down counterparts to reduce ecological impacts while promoting a healthier lifestyle.

10:00 AM Food Service/Auxiliary Director Symposium

UMass Old Chapel (For those who pre-registered)

Transformative Impacts: Our Story from the Core
This year’s Leadership Symposium focuses on the challenges we face in elevating the identity, impact and influence of our auxiliary and dining programs as vital and indispensable components of student success and the quality of campus life experience. We have once again assembled a dynamic group of “thought provocateurs” to jump-start our lively symposium discussions with such topics as:

  • Opening Keynote: Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Predictive Decision-Making
    Michael Wu, Chief AI Strategist, PROS
  • The Changing Landscape of Enrollment and Affordability
    Matthew Whelan,Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Stony Brook University
  • The Value Proposition of a Transformative Approach
    Fleur Veldhoven, Vice President of Marketing, Nestle Professional, NA
  • Effective Action through Campus Partnerships
    Andre Mallie, Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Services, University of San Diego
    Steve Mangan, Director of Michigan Dining, University of Michigan
  • The Story of Transformative Impacts: What do you tell your boss?
    Kristina Patridge, Director, University Dining Service, University of Alabama
  • New Challenges for Executive Recruitment
    Josh Reich, Owner, JDRQuest & Co. Sarasota FL
    Gerry Fernandez, President & Founder, Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance
  • Future Vision of the Dining and Auxiliaries Profession
    Robert Holden, Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services, University of Georgia
    Kirk Rodriguez, Managing Director of Hospitality Services, Texas Tech University

NOTE: This workshop concludes at 5:00 PM

10:15 AM Nutrition Session VII

Berkshire Dining Commons

The Intersection Between Food Allergies and Eating Disorders
Anxiety around food is an inevitable reality for anyone living with a food allergy. Some hyper-vigilance around food is necessary for safety, but at what point can it be too much? For many, that anxiety can morph into disordered eating behaviors that can even progress to a diagnosed eating disorder. Join the discussion on the nuances of food anxiety and disordered behaviors and how we can prevent eating disorders in this vulnerable population.

Speaker: Zoe Halbert, RD, LDN (Registered and Licensed Dietitian, I Live Well Nutrition, Austin, TX)

11:00 AM Nutrition Session VIII

Berkshire Dining Commons

UMass Dining Policies and Procedures to Make an Effective Allergy Program
Dianne and her team have created a food allergy policy to ensure safe food for students with allergies and special dietary needs. Dianne will share how the policies and procedures have effectively reduced food anxiety among students allowing them to focus on academics.

Speaker: Dianne Sutherland RD, LDN (Nutrition Manager, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA)

11:30 AM Hands On Workshop

Hampshire Dining Commons

Cooking to Support a Sustainable Future Workshop
These hands-on workshops are designed to piggyback off of the Food for Thought roundtable discussions. Work alongside Johnson & Wales chefs to produce menus that will challenge attendees with an opportunity to create delicious meals that support a more sustainable future. Each workshop coincides with a topic that was previously discussed during the roundtable.

Cooking for Generation Z
With exposure to international foods starting at an early age, Generation Z is more likely to be open to the latest food trends and innovative fusion creations. Members of Generation Z are also more likely to be health conscious. In this workshop, attendees will produce menus that will reflect recent food trends that the current student body will be lining up to try.

Chef T.J. DelleDonne, Assistant Dean M.A.T., CEC

Sustainability in Catering
Facilities forecast catering preparation needs balancing between efficiency and waste. This workshop will demonstrate menu design strategies that help reduce waste through the creative cross-utilization of leftover food products minimizing waste and maximizing profits.

Chef Michael Makuch, Assistant Professor/Department Chair M.A.T., CEC

The Future of Food
When we think about the future of food it is important to examine different perspectives and we should not be afraid “to think outside the box”. Attendees of this workshop will produce menus that will urge both students and chefs, to try new foods, which help support a sustainable future food system.

Chef Matthew Britt, Instructor M.Ed., CEC

Repurposing Food to Reduce Waste
In this workshop, attendees will focus on producing items such as desserts, preserves, and ferments, that will promote a zero wasted food mentality.

Chef Tim Brown, Department Chair/Senior Instructor C.H.E and Stacy Mirabello, Associate Instructor M.L.A., CEPC

Plant-Centric Cooking for the Student Body
With the current student population’s increased awareness of consuming a healthier diet, this workshop will focus on a plant-forward diet to promote optimal health across the student body.

Chef Jonathan Poyourow, Associate Professor MA, RD, LD, CSCS

NOTE: This workshop concludes at 3:30 PM

12:00 PM Lunch

Berkshire Dining Commons

1:00 PM Nutrition Session IX

Berkshire Dining Commons

Getting all on board when making policy changes related to special diets and developing a great program
Ruth will discuss how she worked with many different departments at Syracuse University to develop a strong program for students with special diets especially food allergies and celiac disease. She will also discuss policies and procedures that were put in place and their decisions to certify their facilities gluten free, peanut and tree nut free.

Speaker: Ruth Sullivan MSEd, RDN, CDN (Assistant Director of Nutrition Management, Syracuse University Food Services, Syracuse, NY)

1:45 PM Nutrition Session X

Berkshire Dining Commons

Food Allergies on Campus- The Michigan Story
Kathy will walk you through the journey of our allergy program, from the development of our residential program to the expansion in our retail and catering operations. Will review and share examples of our current policies and procedures, signage generation, training program, Epi-Pen pilot program and discuss potential opportunities and challenges in our future

Speaker: Kathryn Whiteside, RD (Director of Systems Management, Michigan Dining, Ann Arbor, MI)

2:30 PM Nutrition Session XI

Berkshire Dining Commons

Leaning in and engaging, it’s all about relationships
Learn ways to engage students and campus partners to elevate your dining program. This presentation will focus on ways to create a conversation with different groups on campus and engage them to help improve your program. You will learn how NC State Dining has proactively reached out to various student groups and populations to gather feedback and improve services. Learn how to use support groups, feedback groups and secret shoppers to align and define your goals.

Speaker: Lisa Eberhart (Director of Nutrition and Wellness, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC)

3:15 PM Round Table Nutrition Session I

Berkshire Dining Commons

Chefs and dietitians unite to create healthy and delicious meals
Dietitians often approach recipe development with the goal to promote health, while chefs develop recipes with the goal to make food taste great. Though both professionals approach food from different angles, they can both effectively work together. This roundtable discussion will be an opportunity for attendees to share insights on effective communication between different professions in order to create healthy and delicious meals.

6:00 PM Reception

Campus Center 11th Floor

A business attire event to celebrate the week.

6:30 PM Banquet and Celebration

Campus Center 11th Floor

Dinner Talk: Mzamo Mangaliso (Performance Food Springfield MA)

8:30 PM UMass Pub

Campus Center 2nd Floor

Enjoy, relax, and network until 10:00 PM. Light reception; beverages provided.