Detailed Program Schedule

Tuesday, June 11

7:00 AM Light, Healthy New England Breakfast

Campus Center Blue Wall

7:00 AM Registration

Campus Center Auditorium

8:15 AM CEO Series I

Campus Center Auditorium

Robots for Food Service
Over the next few years, robots are expected to be commonplace in food service. Prices for robots are going down dramatically, minimum wage is going up and robots offer some features that are hard to get otherwise, such as 24/7 availability, consistency and food safety. In this talk, the speaker will talk about his experience installing food making robots in more than 50 locations around the world. He will discuss benefits they have seen, challenges they have needed to overcome and his vision for the future of food robotics. In addition, he will have a food making robot at the event to drive home the point that food making robots have gone beyond science fiction – they are real and they are happening now.

Speaker: Dr. Deepak Sekar (Founder and CEO, Chowbotics, Redwood City, CA)

8:50 AM General Session X

Campus Center Auditorium

The Happy Healthy Kitchen: Finding Foods Good for People and the Planet
Registered dietitian nutritionist Carolyn O’Neil shares nutrition tastes and trends inspired by her kitchen and the kitchens of the world. A renewed focus on the win-win of taste and health in foodservice, food retail and consumer demand is driving enthusiasm for foods that are nutritious and delicious. They are not mutually exclusive anymore! As an award winning journalist and best selling cookbook author, Carolyn O’Neil has covered every aspect of the food and nutrition world from pate to pesticides.

Speaker: Carolyn O’Neil, MS RDN LD (registered dietitian nutritionist, speaker, author, writer, consultant, journalist and social media communicator, Atlanta, GA)

9:20 AM Industry Presentations

Campus Center Auditorium

Impossible Foods
American Lamb Board

9:35 AM Refreshment and Networking Break

Campus Center Auditorium

9:50 AM Culinary Demonstrations IV

Campus Center Auditorium

Stay true to myself
Through different phases of my life I had to make difficult decisions, like moving to a different country and I have changed in many ways but regarding food, I stick to the tradition.

Chef: Iliana de la Vega (Chef Owner, El Naranjo Restaurant, Austin, TX)

During this demonstration you will learn through my years what the Greeks have taught me, through this simple dish and about eating well to live well. Delicious healthy food for the body and the planet.

Chef: Jody Adams (Chef & Restaurateur, Boston, MA)

Contemporary Indian Cuisine
Our Culinary Journey is to showcase the diversity of Indian food in a sustainable and fun manner without compromising its favor profile. Through our demo and Culinary Workshop, we want to showcase our take on the Indian cuisine and remove the narrative about it. It doesn’t have to always be traditional; our desire is to achieve authenticity by focusing on sustainable ingredients and executing dishes by remixing not only the traditional cooking technique but also intermarrying spices from different regions of India.

Chef: Devinder Kumar (Chef/Owner, Induur, San Jose, CA)

10:50 AM Refreshment and Networking Break

Campus Center Auditorium

11:00 AM General Session XI

Campus Center Auditorium

The Changing Food Trend Landscape
The way the world eats has always changed and evolved, but now that change is happening at an unprecedented rate, driven by the speed of communication and demographic and cultural shifts. In this session, we’ll track how consumer eating patterns have shifted using Datassential’s Menu Adoption Cycle and dive into what that means for chefs and operators in the industry. We’ll also follow these trends into the future, with a look at how the American restaurant landscape is changing (can you guess which type of restaurant concept is declining the fastest?). Plus, we’ll learn about the next great phase of healthy eating — Healthy 4.0 — which is driven by hyper-personalization. And we’ll finish up with a gaze into the crystal ball, using Datassential’s machine learning prediction engine, Haiku, to discover which flavors, ingredients, and dishes will grow and decline in the years ahead.

Speaker: Mike Kostyo (Trendologist, Datassential, Los Angeles, CA)

11:30 AM Industry Presentations

Campus Center Auditorium

Danone North America

11:45 AM CEO Series II

Campus Center Auditorium

The Past, Present and Future of Food Waste Prevention
For over 15 years, Leanpath CEO Andrew Shakman has helped colleges and universities understand and prevent their food waste. Hear how campuses—and the world—can win in the fight against food waste.

Speaker: Andrew Shakman (CEO and Co-Founder of Leanpath, Portland, OR)

12:15 PM General Session XII

Campus Center Auditorium

Food Literacy- Tell the story of our food
The impact of food choices on our health, the environment, and our economy. Let’s hear from our peers in sharing their thoughts, insight and best practices


  • Chris Abayasinghe (Director, Campus Dining, University of Notre Dame)
  • Lisa Eberhart RD, LDN, CDE (Director of Nutrition and Nutritional Wellness, NC State)
  • Dawn Aubrey (Associate Director of Auxiliary Services, Health & Wellbeing, University of Illinois)

Moderated by Rafi Taherian (Associate Vice President for Yale Hospitality)

1:00 PM General Session XIII

Campus Center Auditorium

My Story: A Road Map For The Future
Chef Andrew Zimmern will share his story about his life journey growing up in New York, his struggles which lead him to Minneapolis and how he rebuilt his life and media empire through his love and passion for food and culture from all over the world.

Speaker: Andrew Zimmern (TV personality, chef, writer and teacher, Minneapolis, MN)

1:45 PM Lunch

Campus Center Blue Wall

2:30 PM Workshops

Hampshire Dining Commons

A Spring Mediterranean Menu for the Planet
A menu of Traditional Mediterranean dishes, new and old. Greens, beans and bivalves. The secret ingredients for saving the world.

Chef: Jody Adams (Chef & Restaurateur, Boston, MA)

Ageless classics of Mexican cuisine
In this workshop we will prepare some iconic dishes of Mexican cuisine, food that comes from the past and does not age, favorite staples that came to stay forever.

Chef: Iliana de la Vega (Chef Owner, El Naranjo Restaurant, Austin, TX)

Who is going NUTS about TOMATOES? We are!!!!
In this hands on seminar, Chef John Noble Masi will present information about the various types/varieties of fresh tomatoes and nuts. You will hear about the latest trends with each of these popular ingredient groups as we get the opportunity to “Tell your story: Past, Present, and Future” as it relates to these ingredients. We will review trends not only in the products themselves, but also in how our guests have consumed them in the past, what they are doing now, and where we think the future will be for them.

Chef Masi will break the attendees into groups to prepare specially selected recipes for this conference. Attendees will prepare those recipes as well as have plenty of opportunity to add unique twists to personalize the recipes. Attendees will learn the effects of using different ingredients within the same recipe and be able to see and taste the different results side by side.

As a signature part of our workshop, we will have an abundant display of many varieties of tomatoes and nuts for our chefs to work with in the workshop. We will look forward to sampling them and using them in your recipes.

Lastly, as an added bonus this year, every workshop participant will receive some heirloom tomato seeds they can plant in their home gardens!

Chef: John Noble Masi (Owner, Hospitality Performance Partners, Boca Raton, FL)

Contemporary Indian Cuisine
Our Culinary Journey is to showcase the diversity of Indian food in a sustainable and fun manner without compromising its favor profile. Through our demo and Culinary Workshop, we want to showcase our take on the Indian cuisine and remove the narrative about it. It doesn’t have to always be traditional; our desire is to achieve authenticity by focusing on sustainable ingredients and executing dishes by remixing not only the traditional cooking technique but also intermarrying spices from different regions of India.

Our goal is mainly focused on deliciousness, plant forward, bold flavors and current market trend, which can easily execute without compromising its authenticity. Indian cuisine is one the fastest growing culinary trend and why we truly believe there is more to explore and showcase, due to the amazing flavors of Indian Cuisine and the diversity in our culture.

Chef: Devinder Kumar (Chef/Owner, Induur, San Jose, CA)

It’s all about Andrew Z.
Chef Andrew Zimmern will share his favorite dishes from years of traveling to exotic destinations. Learn the secrets and explore building the flavors from his award winning shows.

Chef: Andrew Zimmern (TV personality, chef, writer and teacher, Minneapolis, MN)

My Journey
International Cuisine with a Southern Influence is how my food has been tagged for the last 20+ years. I will be showing you how to take some classic ideas of food and bridging Southern influences throughout!

Chef: Kenny Gilbert (Chef, Jacksonville, FL)

Classical Italian Cuisine has gone from Old World to Mainstream Contemporary
Discover the old-world Italian cuisine and set it up to today’s mainstream culture. We will design recipes from the following regions in Italy. Emilia Romagna, Calabria, Sicilia, Toscana, Puglia, Piemonte, Sardinia and Umbria. See how to use old world food products and develop a modern turn without removing any of their time historical culture. We will develop our own pasta using OO flour and Semolina.

Seafood dishes will reflect the region depicted and meats like Lamb, Veal and Grains will be used.

Chef: Frank Terranova (Chef and President of A Class of Cooking LLC, Cranston, RI)

Cooking with Ancient Grains
Cutting edge techniques for adding whole grains to the menu.

Chef: Eric Skokan (Chef/Farmer/ Owner Black Cat Farm Table Bistro, Bramble and Hare and Black Cat Organic Farm, Longmont, CO)

Trends, Y’all
Join Chef Virginia Willis as she shares the Top Ten Flavor Trends recently explored at a conference at the CIA at Copia focusing on Gen Z and applies it to plant forward down home Southern comfort.

Chef: Virginia Willis (Chef and Cookbook Author, Atlanta, GA)

Fifty Shades of Grain
This hands on class incorporates the use of ancient grains, some of which are gluten-free, to produce ‘better for you’ menu concepts. We will explore techniques that will utilize a variety of grains to produce bowls, risotto, and breakfast items. Learn the essential methods and techniques for cooking with ancient grains and discover the ways to make delicious menus loaded with nutrients that will satisfy everyone!

Chef: Luminita M. Cirstea, CMB, CBB, CWPC (Associate Instructor, Johnson and Wales University, Providence, RI)

Above and Beyond the Kale of Duty
As the world’s population grows and natural resources dwindle, the future of food is in our hands. We as chefs are the leaders in the food industry and we are able to use our platform to influence the taste buds of society. In this hands-on workshop we will cover how to incorporate plant forward concepts into a daily diet. A diet that is not only nutritious and delicious but also supports the future of cooking that promotes a healthy and sustainable environment. We will create menus that will utilize lesser known ingredients from land and sea that can cross through all meal periods.

Chef: Jonathan Poyourow, MA, RD, LD, CSCS (Associate Professor, Johnson and Wales University, Providence, RI)

2:30 PM Nutrition Session IV

Campus Center Room 162

Becoming Certified: The Steps in Establishing a Free From (Allergens) Kitchen
Join Michele Lefebvre, Director of Nutrition for Cornell Dining as she outlines all of the pertinent steps in establishing “Free From” kitchens: from procurement to marketing to audits. Cornell Dining operates the first Free From gluten, tree nut, and peanut dining facility in the country with a full commissary for delivery of Free From products throughout campus.

Speaker: Michelle Lefebvre RD, CDN (Director of Nutrition Management, Cornell Dining, Ithaca NY)

3:15 PM Nutrition Session V

Campus Center Room 162

Serving Safe, Healthy, and Delicious Meals to Diners with Severe Food Allergies
Special dietary needs, including allergies and sensitivities, are becoming more common and this deeply affects College and University campuses. Research has shown that the presence of food allergies in children has increased approximately 50% from 1997 to 2011. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that, today food allergies affect one in thirteen children. It is imperative that College and University foodservice operations take the necessary precautions to prevent any adverse health events (i.e. allergic reaction, anaphylaxis). During this session, Abbie will discuss these trends, as well as methods to address and combat adverse events in safe, healthy and delicious ways.

Speaker: Abbie Gellman, MS RD CDN (Chef, Registered Dietitian, and founder of Culinary Nutrition Cuisine LLC, New York, NY)

4:00 PM Nutrition Session VI

Campus Center Room 162

The Core of the Menu
Excitement, engagement creativity, and authenticity are all at the core of the Yale Hospitality experience. Developing a health-focused guidepost for a menu that supports a variety of needs and desires has been at the center of the Yale Hospitality experience. University dining offers a unique opportunity to instill an understanding and appreciation that extends beyond student’s time on campus. Motivating future leaders through inspiring menus.

Speaker: Allison Arnett MS, RD (Wellness Manager, Yale Hospitality, New Haven, CT)

6:30 PM Cutthroat Kitchen Culinary Competition Finale (with Chef Jet Tila and 8 contestants)

Bluewall Campus Center

The high adrenaline chef-off is back by popular demand. In this competition, each team will have 30-40 minutes (30 min round 1 and 2, 40 min round 3) to create their dish. They will plate 2 dishes one for the judges and one as a display plate.

Each round will feature 4 teams of 2 chef competitors. There will be 3 total rounds with the 3rd being the championship. The winners of rounds 1 and 2 will go on to round 3. The final 2 teams for round 3 will come from the original pool of competitors who signed up and from the non-winning competitors of rounds 1 and 2. The winning teams of round 1 and 2 will receive $100. The winning championship team will receive $500. Judges will consider presentation, taste and likeness to the theme.

Each round will feature a variety of sabotages. Sabotages can either be used by the winning team or given to another competitor. A sabotage is won by bidding on it. Each team will have $1000 UMass Chef Dollars to use to “buy” a sabotage. There will be multiple sabotages per round so each team must use caution on how much they spend.

Each round will feature a theme such as the best clam chowder. Each team must create their version of the best clam chowder using only the equipment and ingredients provided to them.

Competitors will be allowed 90 seconds to shop in the Cutthroat Pantry at the beginning of each round.

7:00 PM New England Clambake

Campus Center Blue Wall

A conference favorite you won’t want to miss! Enjoy a New England summer tradition featuring fresh lobsters, chowder, steak, local strawberry shortcake and live music.

9:00 PM UMass Pub

Campus Center 2nd Floor
Enjoy, relax, and network. A light reception with beverages will be provided.