Detailed Program Schedule

Tuesday, June 13

7:30 AM Light, Healthy New England Breakfast

Hampshire Dining Commons

8:30 AM Group Photo

Hampshire Dining Commons

9:00 AM General Lecture and Workshop

Hampshire Dining Commons

Serving Solutions: becoming stewards to support a sustainable food system by reducing waste
As a nation, we waste 30 to 40 percent of all food produced annually. Colleges and universities currently contribute more than 22 million pounds of wasted food a year from catering, buffets and food service outlets. Evolving food trends may compound our sustainability challenges and goals to reduce food waste. Chefs at the helm of large food service operations are poised to serve solutions of reducing and repurposing food to meet the expectations of generation Z. Today’s students are more adventurous eaters, opening the door and allowing chefs to create more diverse and sustainable menu offerings.

In this session, strategies to creatively address and prevent overall food waste by placing a greater focus on the utilization of products and sustainability will be discussed. We will also discover what opportunities are available for chefs looking to change the way the world eats.
This session will culminate with friendly competition in a hands-on workshop. Attendees will work in groups to dive into the “trash” developing and producing menus that will repurpose food with the challenge of creating meals that students will be lining up to try.

Chef Tim Brown, C.H.E. Department Chair/Senior Instructor
Chef Bridget Sweet, MS, REHS/RS, CP-FS Executive Director of Food Safety ( Johnson & Wales University)

2:30 PM Networking Break

3:00 PM ACF Competition Briefing

(Mandatory for teams competing on Friday)
Hampshire Dining Commons

5:00 PM Dinner on your own

8:30 PM UMass Pub

Campus Center 2nd Floor
Enjoy, relax, and network until 10:00 PM. Light reception. Beverages provided.